Services Overview


Funding and Program Review
We work with clients to develop a program that will meet their needs, both immediate and long-term, while also being achievable within the limits of the project budget.Read More

Design Development
As the project begins to take shape, it is essential to get “under the skin” to insure that as many coordination issues as possible are anticipated and addressed before the project is under construction.Read More

Construction Docs and Specs
Quality construction begins with clear and concise construction drawings and specifications. Project builders are certain of their responsibilities and the quality of work they are expected to provide with our planning and documentation phase of each project.Read More

Construction Administration
We realize the importance of establishing high quality standards from the contractors for the construction of the designed projects. The completed construction, after all, is the finished product and every effort is used to insure a substantially built project for many years of durability.Read More

Management Plan
The strongest advantage of our firm is the personal service that can be provided to all clients. All members of our staff will be involved to some degree with almost every project our firm implements. Due to our comfortable size, our entire staff will be involved to some degree with your project. Our office management system has resulted in quality documents and a clear understanding of the project requirements.Read More

Schematic Design
We feel that an architect’s approach to design can be more beneficial to the client’s needs than simply function. Our approach to building design begins with a clear understanding of the site’s surrounding and is carried into the internal experience for the users.Read More

Code and Cost Analysis
Projects receive the most through search of federal, state, and local building codes to meet the highest of the industry standards. Projected cost analyses are conducted to provide the owner with the most cost efficient information to set construction budgets.Read More

Bidding & Negotiation
Today’s bidding market is unlike any other time in recent history. With the slowdown in the economy, many smaller companies are pursuing work that they may be unable or unqualified to perform.Read More

Interior Design
Our first priority is to create a plan to help make a commercial living space safe, functional, and attractive. In order to accomplish this, we must take many different elements under consideration. This includes combining different colors and textures together as well as utilizing lighting and furniture in a method that draws interest while remaining functional.Read More