Management Plan

Management Plan
The strongest advantage of our firm is the personal service that can be provided to all clients. Clements & Associates Architecture, Inc. takes an integrated approach to managing projects, consultants and contactors, budgets and schedules to assure that all the components in your program are executed and completed according to your expectations.

Due to our comfortable size, our entire staff will be involved to some degree with your project. Our office management system results in quality documents and a clear understanding of the project requirements.

While all projects needs vary, the typical process is as follows:

  • Initial meeting to determine goals of project.
  • Evaluate site and project needs.
  • Gather information relating to the project, such as site information, specific requirements for the site and building use.
  • Fully investigate the existing site, its relationship to access and utilities and the components that will affect the planned improvement.
  • Develop design options which reflect the most reasonable solutions to the owner’s program while being sensitive to the site and its long term use.
  • Present the results of the investigations to the owner for discussion.
  • Respond to comments of the presentation and re-represent to the owner. (Please note that during the schematic design phase, the emphasis is on the “big picture” of the solution and not the minor details).
  • Upon satisfaction of the schematic design, presentation quality drawings along with a cost estimate are prepared for the owner’s use.
  • Upon approval of the owner, the design proceeds to the “Design Development” phase; where the contract documents are developed to coordinate all of the systems and details of the redevelopment.
  • When the development phase is near completion, a more thorough cost estimate is prepared. A review with the owner is requested at this time.
  • The drawings then proceed to the contract document phase where the project requirements are thoroughly detailed and all materials and installation standards are specified.
  • At the completion of the documents, the cost estimate is verified and alterations to the scope are adjusted.
  • Upon final review and approval of the owner, the project is advertised for bids. The team captain or project manager will be the point person during bidding and construction of the work.
  • Upon receipt of the bids, the bids are reviewed and the appropriate recommendations are made to the owner.
  • With the owner’s approval, an owner/contractor agreement is prepared and following review of all parties, signatures are obtained.
  • After all contract requirements are received and with the owner’s approval, the notice to proceed is issued.
  • A preconstruction conference is held with the owner, contractor, and architect present. This conference is for coordination and information purposes.
  • Construction administration includes the review of product submittals and shop drawings, payment requests, and any other documentation required for the project. Site inspections occur frequently as the project proceeds.
  • Final inspections are conducted by the architect and our consultants. The owner’s representative is encouraged to be involved.
  • Upon project acceptance, the contract documents required to closeout the project are obtained. These include warranties and as-built drawings.
  • Approximately ten months into the after construction warranty period, a follow-up inspection of the facility takes place with the owner, contractor and architect present.