Schematic Design

Schematic Design
Perhaps the most important phase in any project, Schematic Design sets the tone and the vision for all other phases. Clements & Associates strives to provide solutions that are creative and that respond to the surrounding context for a project that is seamless, yet distinctive for our Owners’ needs. Clements & Associates schematic design services leave the Owner with the visualization tools necessary to convey the project to visitors and staff as well as potential supporters.

We feel that an architect’s approach to design can be more beneficial to the client’s needs than simply function. Our approach to building design begins with a clear understanding of the site’s surrounding and is carried into the internal experience for the users.

We realize that these phases of the process are where the buildings costs and architectural design are established; therefore we provide extra efforts to make the project the most it can be within the budget. We develop a strong understanding of the client’s needs to provide a design solution to make the project all it can be.